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Train Ride

Bruised shoulders

And, that pain in my neck,

Oh so comforting!

Oh so liberating!

Just another stairway to climb,

To reach the platform where my ride stands for a while,

Oh it's just my heart pounding cause its high,

Oh, it's just me feeling alive.

Lying my back on the topmost seat,

Feeling the ceiling,

Feeling the chill,

I am almost lulling to sleep,

With the cozy music playing in my ears

With my body moving to the rhythm of the carriage.

I can feel it in my bones,

Like its the only truth I need to know,

That I belong here,

That I am vibing and living every moment without fear.

Jaded from regular life,

Of waking up and just staying alive

These times come to me in flashes

These moments give me the strength to get going.

Just those two parallel tracks,

And a destination I am yet to travel over,

So many dreams in my mind,

Yet, so much peace in my heart.

Thank god for travel,

Thank holy heaven for trains,

Thank the world for beautiful destinations.

Thank you, me for wandering all over,

And finding myself all over again.

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