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Just try

I miss you and I'd be lying if I didn't say this.

You're so near, yet so far.

So mine yet so very not.

I talk all day with you, but there is warmth missing.

There is something missing.

You are carrying the burden of things that don't define you anymore,

You are amazing and you need to trust me this very moment,

Or the next,

Or the next after it,

But please do.

You know what I say is true,

You want to act all strong,

All pumped about how you don't feel an ounce,

Rubbing off the hurt on someone who only loved you.

I know its hard,

I know this sucks,

But you've gotta just trust.

Just give it a chance,

Just let love flow in,

Let love do its magic.

Let it be.

Let it go.

It is not your burden to carry.

You loved just right,

Just the perfect way.

It may seem like you were the one who faltered,

I know it doesn't make sense,

I know it kills you from within,

I know you are running from it,

You don't want to touch it,

You fear that you won't be able to take the pain,

You might end up feeling worthless,

But you are worth more than everything you believe in.

You can reach for the stars,

You can have all the love you want,

You just have to give in,

Baby, you just have to try.

Just try.

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