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That Feeling

The love I never wanted, stayed

The love I felt, left

Left, leaving me feeling loved

Left, leaving me feeling dead

Strange are the ways of this feeling,

Like a ghost, it haunts

Like a damsel, it comforts

Dancing on the verge of a collapse,

Standing at the edge of a cliff,

Touch it,

Label it,

And it goes.

Leave it,

Let it be,

And it leaves.

Hurt or regret,

Cant escape either.

Strange are the ways,

Stranger are the charms.

Like a snake,

Waiting on to attack,

The moment you acknowledge,

That you feel alive.

Pray the prey survives,

Pray the prey holds up

There, there

Is all I hear.

The feeling so deep,

The feeling so cold.

Touch it or

Not to touch it,

Like a touch-me-not,

It transforms.

You hurt,


You regret,

But that is all in its nature.

But that is all is life.

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