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Sai Soumya, here! Welcome to my Website.


Briefly introducing myself, I am a musician, researcher, and artist. Music and sound, in general, have always captured my imagination. I have been songwriting since the age of 12 and have been ever so curious to pick up and learn new musical instruments. I play guitar and saxophone. I have also had the opportunity to be part of the University Brass band and have performed individually as well on many occasions. I write songs about things I believe in and feel about. I am currently enrolled as a Ph.D. student at C4DM, QMUL working in the field of Automatic Mixing and Intelligent Music Production in collaboration with Steinberg.


Painting and writing poetry are just other outlets for me to express how I feel about different events in my life. I am a self-taught artist who just started painting for the joy of it. I love to travel, meet new people, and experience different places. I am crazy about all things space and auroras.


As much as I may sound cool, I would be lying if I didn’t tell you I’m a big-time nerd. I love to read scientific papers and my topics of research interest are sound, acoustics, music technology, and AI for music and sound. I also take interest in String theory, quantum mechanics, and relativity.




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