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I'm Soumya Sai Vanka, and I'm delighted that you took the time to visit my website.

I'm a PhD student at the Centre for Digital Music, Queen Mary University of London. I work on the problem of Automatic Multitrack Mixing. More specifically, I am exploring the possibility of mix style transfer, which in non-technical terms means that if I'm successful in executing my ideas, you will have a system to which you can supply your recorded raw tracks, specify a reference song whose mix you like and the system should more or less be able to mix your tracks to sound similar to the reference mix you provided. 

Apart from the PhD, I enjoy travelling, painting and making music. I play free-style saxophone and sometimes write and compose music on my acoustic guitar. I also find joy in painting landscapes with watercolours. 

I enjoy walking around new neighbourhoods, exploring new cities, and taking pictures of things I find pretty. 

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